Who We Are

La Honda Films is made up of a group of dedicated film buffs who have been in the process of creating a film company for a number of years. We have worked together on a number of other projects, including musical albums and dialogue tapes on a wide range of subjects. More information will soon be available.

Susie brings a wealth of imagination to her position as story teller (screen writer). Her scripts illuminate our subjects and inspire the rest of us in our own tasks.

Currently acting as Regia (if it's good enough for Fellini, it's good enough for me), Elanor finds directing the films a real pleasure. "It's easy to direct a good story and well-prepared actors", she comments.

Sergio and Michael are working as Assistant Producers. . .and we all know what THAT means... $$$$$$. Need we say any more? As we say at La Honda Films, 'They never met a stranger'. . .and that can sure come in handy.

Bella is honing her skills as Production Manager -- a task that is uniquely fitted to her talents of finding the right people and getting them organized to make sure the job gets completed in a timely fashion.

Of course, you can't make a movie without actors and Patricia has been working on gathering resumes and photos of potential 'new stars'. As casting director, she has discovered that it takes all kinds.

There are many other people involved in the company, including Paradiso in the music department. He's working with Sergio to create the sound track for The Sorcerer. One of La Honda Films great strengths is the fact that we have in-house musicians who can create just the right feeling for our style.

And, Kathy, has a passion for seeing a good story told well. She's your basic go-to girl, script girl, music archivist and whatever else is needed to get these visionary movies done to the pleasure of the Regia. Kathy says, "Eventually you reach an age when it's good to be the girl."

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